What is WIA?

MDO Group has its origins in the parent company MDO Group, which has been a trusted player in the logistics market for 20 years. In addition to assembly, disassembly and maintenance, MDO is also involved in warehouse inspections.

To simplify these inspections and their processing, we have developed an application. Our inspectors use this app during their warehouse checks and use it to generate a written inspection report.

However, we noticed that some customers have a lot of storage systems, so an inspection can still take several days. In addition, an annual inspection remains only a snapshot of the state of the warehouse.

Safety, quality and efficiency are paramount in a warehouse. In order to guarantee this, it is also necessary to carry out periodic inspections of your storage systems.

Thanks to MDO Group's many years of experience in the logistics sector, MDO Software has developed an application that enables the customer to implement and manage this themselves.

Your storage systems are mapped via the Warehouse Inspection Application (WIA) and any defects can be quickly detected.

MDO Software is closely related to MDO Group, which enables us to offer total solutions. We can offer the necessary services to carry out and optimize the maintenance and repairs of your storage systems.

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WIA Software

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The WIA software has many advantages for the efficiency, safety and quality of your warehouse. Through WIA, it is possible to map all kinds of parts, materials, devices and even rooms to keep an overview of these.