Shelf racks

A shelving unit guarantees efficient and flexible storage in your warehouse. These shelves are easy to use and long-lasting. Shelving can be used in any situation.

What is a shelf rack?

A shelf rack is one of the most popular racking systems for a warehouse. It can be used in any situation. A shelf rack is a metal rack consisting of six parts: uprights, supports, uprights, cross braces, feet and, of course, shelves. You can choose whether you want to work with vertical partitions. These partitions allow you to separate goods. A shelf rack is ideal for light goods, such as crates and boxes. In addition, the goods can be stored in an orderly and tidy manner.

Our high-quality shelving <span>for your warehouse</span>

Our high-quality shelving for your warehouse

Do you want years of optimal use of shelving in your warehouse? Then our high-quality shelving systems are the right choice. Our shelving systems have a long lifespan and are easy to use. This makes shelf racks an ideal basis for parts warehouses and order picking. In addition, a shelf rack also has a high load-bearing capacity. MDO's shelf racks are not only suitable for a warehouse, they can also come in handy for your shop or catering business. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the right shelving unit for your situation.

The right shelf racks for your warehouse or warehouse

The right shelf racks for your warehouse or warehouse

The fact that shelf racks are often chosen in a warehouse is for good reason. You do not have to worry about it taking up a lot of space, as is the case with cantilever racking. In addition, the shelves of a shelf rack can easily be placed in other racking systems, such as a wide span racking system. A shelf racking system is intended for manual use. As a result, the goods being stored must be accessible to warehouse employees. With a shelf racking system, you can easily arrange your goods and ensure faster access for the order pickers.

<span>Features</span> of our shelving system

Features of our shelving system

A feature of our shelf racking is its modular design, as well as its variety of profiles. Besides these features, a shelf rack also has several advantages. For example, they are easy to assemble and can often be done without the use of nuts and bolts. MDO's experts will be happy to help you assemble your shelf rack. But the flexible layout of these racks is also an advantage for your warehouse. Do you choose to place racks with the same dimensions and layout next to each other? Or will you vary them? Whatever your preference, shelving can be used in any situation. Are you relocating your warehouse, or are you planning a redesign? A shelf rack is often very light, making it easy to move by hand.

Why choose shelf racking from MDO?

Why choose shelf racking from MDO?

A warehouse where goods can be stored efficiently and flexibly is a warehouse everyone dreams of. MDO's shelving systems make this dream come true. Our shelving systems can be used in any situation. In yours too! We are happy to help you make the right choices. Also in the case of shelving. With more than 20 years of experience and a high level of expertise, you can always count on the professionals at MDO. A shelf rack can be assembled, extended and moved quickly and easily. Do you not have the time or simply no desire to do this yourself? The experts at MDO Group will be happy to relieve you of this worry. We ensure that the assembly of your shelf rack runs smoothly and without problems. We also ensure that your shelving units remain in top condition. Our experts will be happy to visit you to identify any defects and think along with you immediately in a solution-oriented way. MDO Group will be happy to help you choose, assemble and arrange your sill racking. Curious about what MDO can do for you? Request a quote or contact us for more information.

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