Pallet racking

With pallet racking, you store your goods on different levels one above the other and ensure that each storage is directly accessible. Thanks to its modular construction, MDO Group can adapt your pallet racking to your specific requirements.

What is a pallet rack?

The name says it all: a pallet rack is a rack in which you can store your goods on pallets. A pallet rack consists of uprights and beams. These uprights and girders can be arranged flexibly due to the different dimensions and load capacity. With a pallet rack you store your goods on different levels above each other and you ensure that every storage area is directly accessible. These racks are mainly used for heavy and large goods that are packed on a pallet. Do you have a warehouse, workshop or production area? Then a pallet rack is the right choice for you. In addition, these racks can be placed both indoors and outdoors and on different surfaces.

Our qualitative pallet racks for your warehouse

Our qualitative pallet racks for your warehouse

At MDO you can count on high quality pallet racks that meet all requirements. Strict environmental and safety requirements apply to a pallet rack. This is because a pallet rack must be able to handle different dimensions and load capacities. With more than 20 years of experience, MDO Group is your reliable supplier and partner. Our pallet racks meet all legal standards and requirements. When you buy pallet racks from us or from another party, it is important to have them inspected. At MDO Group you can count on certified inspectors who check your pallet rack for defects and who also think along with you in a solution-oriented way. Together we ensure that your pallet rack remains in top condition.

What you should pay attention to when buying a pallet rack

What you should pay attention to when buying a pallet rack

Een palletstelling schaft u niet zonder na te denken aan. Het is bij deze stelling namelijk van belang dat u met bepaalde zaken rekening houdt. Zo moet u eerst de maximale lengte en hoogte weten zodat u het aantal secties en de hoogte van de staanders kunt bepalen voordat u deze laat plaatsen. Bij de hoogte is dit niet zo moeilijk. Het enige wat u hoeft te doen is kijken naar de hoogte van uw magazijn en wat de hefhoogte van uw heftruck is. Daarnaast is het van belang om te kijken naar de vloer waar de palletstelling op geplaatst gaat worden. Maakt u gebruik van heftrucks en wilt u een stelling die hoger is dan 250 cm? Dan bent u verplicht om deze vast te zetten met CE-vloerankers.

The right pallet racks for <span>your warehouse</span>

The right pallet racks for your warehouse

If you want to make optimal and efficient use of your warehouse or warehouse, it is important to choose the right pallet racks. A pallet rack is directly accessible. This makes this statement an ideal storage method in terms of clarity and safety. Your pallet rack is available from MDO in various sizes, types and load capacities. This allows you to make optimal use of every available space. Do you have other requirements for your pallet rack? Then you have also come to the right place at MDO Group. Thanks to the modular construction, MDO Group can adapt your pallet rack to your specific requirements.

Advantages of our pallet racks

Advantages of our pallet racks

When you opt for a pallet rack, you also opt for various benefits. Just like a shelf rack, a pallet rack is also very flexible and widely applicable. These racks are available in different sizes. This allows you to adjust the horizontal beams in height. This way you can easily use every space in your warehouse. Would you like to expand your pallet rack a bit? This is done quickly and easily with a pallet rack. A pallet rack is a very safe storage system due to its robust steel construction. However, it is important that this rack is mounted and used correctly.

Why choose a <span>pallet rack from MDO?</span>

Why choose a pallet rack from MDO?

A pallet rack is an ideal solution for many situations. Are you unsure whether a pallet rack is something for you? Or which size fits your situation? The experts of MDO Group are happy to help you with this. With more than 20 years of experience and a high level of expertise, you can always count on the professionals of MDO. Together with you, we ensure that your pallet rack can be assembled, expanded and moved quickly and safely. Curious about what MDO can do for you? Request your quote or contact us without obligation for more information.

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