Drive-in racks

A drive-in rack is an ideal way to store large numbers of pallets of the same goods. A drive-in rack has a sturdy support beam and can be quickly assembled. This allows you to easily set up the level layout.

What is a drive-in rack?

Drive-in racking, also known as drive-in racking, is a specific type of racking used for storing large quantities of the same products. The drive-in racking system allows pallets to be placed directly into the racks, creating compact storage.

Our high-quality drive-in racking <span>for your warehouse</span>

Our high-quality drive-in racking for your warehouse

At MDO Group, you can count on drive-in racking of the highest quality that meets all requirements. Storing large quantities of pallets containing these products requires specific dimensions and load capacities that the pallet racking must be able to support. With more than 20 years of experience, we are your reliable partner in warehouse equipment and supply drive-in racking that meets all legal standards and requirements. When you buy drive-in racking from us or from another drive-in racking company, it is important to have it inspected. At MDO Group, you can count on certified inspectors who will check your drive-in racking for defects and also think along with you in a solution-oriented way. Together, we will ensure that your drive-in racking remains in top condition.

The advantages of drive-in racking

The advantages of drive-in racking

Drive-in racking offers several advantages for companies looking for an efficient storage solution. 

  • Efficient use of space: drive-in racking offers high storage density and makes optimal use of the available space in the warehouse. This allows you to store multiple products in the same space, which can be cost-saving. 
  • Quick access to products: drive-in racking offers quick access to stored pallets, making moving and retrieving products quick and efficient. 
  • Suitable for large quantities: drive-in racking is ideal for storing large quantities of the same products. This allows you to stock up easily and react quickly to changes in demand. 
  • Safe storage: drive-in racking meets the highest safety requirements and offers a reliable storage solution for your products. This ensures a safe working environment for your employees. 
  • Customised to your needs: drive-in racking is available in different sizes and can be adapted to the specific needs of your warehouse. This allows you to create a storage solution that perfectly suits your business processes.
What to look out for when buying a drive-in rack

What to look out for when buying a drive-in rack

You don't buy a drive-in rack without thinking. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right drive-in rack. For example, it is important to know what load capacity you need for your drive-in racking. This depends on the type of products you are storing and the weight of the pallets. It is also important to take into account the available space in your warehouse, how easily you want to access your products in the drive-in racking and that it meets the highest safety requirements.

Why choose a <span>drive-in rack from MDO</span>?

Why choose a drive-in rack from MDO?

A drive-in rack is an ideal solution for many situations. Are you unsure whether a drive-in rack is for you? Or which size fits your situation? The experts at MDO Group will be happy to help you with this. With more than 20 years of experience and a high level of expertise, you can always count on MDO's professionals. Together with you, we ensure that your drive-in rack can be assembled, expanded and moved quickly and safely. Curious about what MDO can do for you? Request your quote or contact us for more information.

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