Cantilever racking

Do you have longer and heavy goods in your warehouse? Then a cantilever rack is the ideal choice for your warehouse! These racks are specially designed for storing metal beams, wood packages and tube profiles, for example.

What is a cantilever rack?

A cantilever rack is a rack that is ideally suited for storing long and heavy goods. These racks are specially designed for storing metal beams, wood packages and tube sections, for example. A cantilever rack is also ideal if you use forklift trucks in your warehouse. Because of the open spaces between the cantilever arms, you can easily place the goods in the rack with a forklift truck, but taking them out is no problem either.

What to look out for with <span>cantilever racking</span>

What to look out for with cantilever racking

Although a cantilever rack is ideal for storing long goods, it is important to take a few things into account during warehouse setup. For example, a cantilever rack takes up a lot of space thanks to its cantilever arms protruding forward. You also need to consider extra space to move the goods out. In addition, a cantilever rack is only suitable for certain goods. Also, because of its construction, they are only suitable for the LIFO system: Last In, First Out. A cantilever rack is an open storage system. Consequently, only goods that can withstand dirt and dust are suitable for storage in a cantilever rack warehouse.

A high-quality cantilever rack from MDO

A high-quality cantilever rack from MDO

Do you want to store your long and heavy goods practically and easily in your warehouse? Then choose a high-quality cantilever rack from MDO. We or you can fully customise our cantilever racking to meet all your needs. Do you want extra support arms? MDO's experts will adjust it for you immediately. Do you have small goods that need to be stored? Then you can also choose to add shelves to your racks. A cantilever rack must always be anchored in the ground. It is also possible to install higher cantilever racking or you can add extra levels in the cantilever racking to make optimal use of the height.

The right wishbone racks <span>for your situation</span>

The right wishbone racks for your situation

When you have long goods in your warehouse, such as pipes, rods or shelves, you want to be able to access them easily and quickly at all times. MDO cantilever racking makes this possible. These racks are specially designed so that your goods are always easily accessible. They are also versatile, making them the right choice for a warehouse with long goods. With cantilever racking, you can determine the layout of your warehouse yourself. Will you choose a single-sided cantilever rack against the wall? Or do you prefer double-sided cantilever racking which functions as a room divider? Do you not need a large cantilever rack, but rather a small one? That is also possible at MDO.

Features of our cantilever racking

Features of our cantilever racking

A cantilever rack is not fitted with shelves or boards, but is instead open. This makes it easy to place and grab your goods with a forklift truck. Because of these open spaces, cantilever racks are used for long objects, such as pipes and shelves. A cantilever rack, as the name suggests, consists of support arms and uprights. From lightweight to somewhat heavier artillery. A cantilever rack is ideal for safely storing all lengths and weight categories in your warehouse.

Why choose support arm racks <span>from MDO?</span>

Why choose support arm racks from MDO?

Are you planning a move, or do you have a new warehouse and want to make the most of it? Then you are also looking for someone to help you make the right choices. So too with which racks are most suitable for your situation. With more than 20 years of experience and a high level of expertise, you can always count on the professionals at MDO. Do you have long goods you would like to store safely? With cantilever racking, you will certainly get it right. We also ensure that your cantilever racks remain in top condition. Our experts will be happy to visit you to identify any defects and think along with you immediately to find a solution. MDO Group will be happy to help you choose, assemble and arrange your cantilever racking. Curious about what MDO can do for you? Request a quote or contact us for more information.

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