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In most warehouses, static storage systems still form the basis for the storage of goods. The man-to-the-goods principle is central to this strategy. The order pickers themselves have to get moving and remove the required items from the racks. Static storage systems, such as pallet racks, have the advantage that there are very wide limits with regard to the size, quantity and weight of the stored items. In addition, these theorems are generally flexible. They can be quickly mounted, expanded and moved. Discover the most common static storage systems on this page!

Quality industrial shelving from MDO

Quality industrial shelving from MDO

When you choose static shelving from MDO, you are also choosing high-quality industrial shelving. At MDO, we are happy to take your worries off your hands. Not only are we your supplier, but we will also help you assemble your industrial shelving directly. Whether you have heavy goods, or perhaps just documents that need to be stored safely. At MDO, we have it all. We also make sure your industrial shelving stays in top condition. An expert from MDO will soon arrive at your premises to identify any defects in your shelving. Not only do we check for defects, but we also think along with you immediately in terms of solutions. Often within a day!

Relevance of the right <span>warehouse racks</span>

Relevance of the right warehouse racks

With a warehouse, it is important that it is practical. For this, the right warehouse shelving is crucial. With the right static racking, you can run your warehouse as efficiently as possible. Do you have a large number of pallets of the same goods? Then drive-in racking is ideal for your warehouse. Do you have a lot of documents you want to store together properly and safely? Then you need our archive racks. MDO has a solution for every situation. We know better than anyone how important it is to make optimal use of a warehouse.

Features of our <span>industrial shelving</span>

Features of our industrial shelving

MDO Group's static industrial racks focus on the man-to-the-goods principle. Here, order pickers themselves have to get moving and retrieve the required items from the industrial racks. Static storage systems, such as pallet racks, have the advantage of having very wide limits in terms of the size, quantity and weight of items stored. In addition, these racks are generally flexible. The racks can be assembled, extended and moved quickly


Your warehouse 2.0

Platforms for your storage system

Platforms for your storage system

When your warehouse is growing, or when you want to organize your warehouse more efficiently, realizing a platform is a good solution for storing all your goods. A platform consists of a self-supporting, lightweight steel construction with a floor finish with different types of chipboard and/or metal grids, of which different finishes are possible. It creates extra space in height on the same surface.

Why choose shelving from MDO?

Why choose shelving from MDO?

MDO is not a supplier, but a partner. With a close-knit team of complementary specialists, we have been focusing on unburdening and serving customers optimally for over 20 years. This ensures short lines of communication and a high level of service and solution-orientation. Combined with our innovative character, we use the possibilities of today and tomorrow together with our customers.

  • Professional Dutch- and French-speaking team
  • High level of expertise
  • Specialist in the assembly, dismantling and removal of racking systems
MDO Group as your <span>stretching specialist</span>

MDO Group as your stretching specialist

MDO thinks with you. Your real question, that is what we help you with. Our independent position in the market makes us the perfect partner in your search for the ideal set-up of your warehouse. Relocation, reorganisation or another project on the planning? That is our specialisation! As a main contractor, of course, but also as a link between you and your chosen suppliers, we are happy to take over. At MDO, you can count on years of expertise and a series of assets built over time. If you are curious about the possibilities for shelving in your warehouse, contact us!

  • Strong team to act quickly and efficiently
  • Infrastructure with modern equipment
  • Environment with a focus on digitisation

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