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When building an office cabin or cafeteria in your warehouse, we can offer you a modular total solution. We not only provide the system walls, but also take care of the finishing and utilities.

We can supply, install and disassemble system walls for you, if necessary. We also take care of the finishing and utilities. In addition to a suitable floor and suspended ceiling, we provide HVAC, sanitary installations and electricity.

The standard panels have a dimension of 3,000 mm by 600 mm and an overmeasured thickness of 100 mm. By means of fitting panels, we can work with our recognized and registered contractors on every available square meter.

There are various accessories and options for the finish, both standard and specific to your needs and/or wishes:

  • Windows and doors
  • Floor
  • False ceiling
  • Utilities (electricity, air conditioning, sanitary)
Sustainable <span>office cubicle walls</span>

Sustainable office cubicle walls

Our walls are made from a core of recycled cardboard, which means they meet the current standard for sustainable building. Moreover, this makes the walls very light in weight.

The ready-to-install wall panels are distinguished by their simple installation, endless application possibilities and stability. Due to its unique composition, this lightweight powerhouse is sound-insulating, fire-resistant and environmentally friendly.

Utilities material <span>and installation</span>

Utilities material and installation

All necessary utilities are provided by us, both the material and the installation with inspection and plan. The electricity, the network and the lighting are connected to a distribution box. Good air conditioning and ventilation are also taken into account by means of an air/air heat pump. This heat pump ensures maximum energy efficiency and is extremely reliable for a long service life.

  • HVAC (air/air heat pump, air conditioning)
  • Sanitary installations (kitchenette, dishwasher)
  • Electricity works (lighting, sockets)
Quick and easy <span>mounting system walls</span>

Quick and easy mounting system walls

Our system walls are distinguished by their quick and easy installation. The ready-to-install panels have a practical tongue-and-groove connection. The partitions can be assembled without screws. The panels are glued together. Standard profiles have been developed for the top and bottom that can be disassembled. The S-clip has been developed for non-permanent mounting, which makes the system walls reusable for new applications.

Compared to the installation of traditional partition walls, we achieve a labor saving of around 60%. Empty spaces can be converted into complete office and residential units in a short time. Special panels are available within our range for units with requirements for sound and fire resistance. There is a wide choice of options for specific projects, both in design and finish.

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