Flow racks

With flow racks, you have efficient and compact storage of your pallets of goods. Under gravity, the pallets roll over the roller conveyor to the take-out side. These racks use the LIFO system: last in / first out.

Here are some possible configurations:

  • Multi-level flow racks, also with ground level
  • Continuous roller racking on a platform (steel construction)
  • Continuous roller rack with tunnel

What is a roll-over rack

When you have a small space or volume, flow racks are great for your warehouse. When you want to store your pallets or small goods, flow racks can be applied. For example, these racks can be applied as a buffer in a shipping zone, but also within a production process and in the picking process. This ensures continuity of order picking. A flow racks works according to the FIFO system: First In, First Out. In addition, the racks are equipped with a roller conveyor where the length can be determined. This is determined on the basis of the goods to be stacked. Consider the weight, size, operation and type of pallet.

The right flow racks for your situation

The right flow racks for your situation

At MDO Group, there are various set-up options for your flow racks. You can choose a flow racks with different levels, including ground level. But a flow racks on a platform and a flow racks with a tunnel are also possible. Are you in doubt about which option fits your warehouse best? The experts at MDO Group will be happy to help you. With us, you can be sure that we always have the right flow racks for your situation. Besides helping you choose your racking, we are also happy to help you assemble flow racks.

Why choose <span>flow racks from MDO?</span>

Why choose flow racks from MDO?

Do you want to make optimal use of your warehouse and benefit from advantages? Then with flow racks you are definitely in the right place. At MDO Group, we are happy to help you make the right choices. With more than 20 years of experience and a high level of expertise, you can always count on MDO's professionals. Through-roll racks will significantly reduce the mistakes that can be made during order picking. This is because these racks offer a better overview. Do you no longer have a lot of space in your warehouse, but you want to store your goods safely and properly? In that case, too, a flow racks offers an ideal solution. Because dynamic storage systems require extreme precision during assembly, you can count on us for a high level of expertise. We ensure that the assembly of your flow racks runs smoothly and without problems. We also ensure that your flow racks remain in top condition. Our experts will be happy to visit you to identify any defects and think along with you directly to find a solution. MDO Group will be happy to help you choose, assemble and arrange your sill rack. Curious about what MDO can do for you? Request a quote or contact us for more information. 

Features of our flow racks

Features of our flow racks

Our flow racks can be recognised by their compact storage density and high storage density. In addition, the flow racks also feature a safe system. For example, your forklift trucks can be used to place and remove goods from the flow racks. When you take out a product, the other pallets or goods immediately move on. With the help of a system, safety is guaranteed. For example, the roller conveyor is equipped with brakes and a pallet seperator that ensure that goods are collected quickly while safety remains guaranteed.

Our high-quality <span>flow racks</span>

Our high-quality flow racks

Flow racks are dynamic storage systems that help you run your warehouse efficiently. MDO's flow racks are of high quality. Under gravity or automation, the pallets roll over the roller conveyor to the take-out side. In addition, flow racks have several advantages. For instance, all goods can be collected one after the other and the goods do not remain lying around. Therefore, this racking is an ideal solution for goods with a possible best-before date. But also for goods where great control is important, such as serial numbering. In addition, there is spare stock at all times and order picking time is reduced. This is because internal transport routes are shortened.

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