Robust, flexible
and efficient dynamic storage systems

In dynamic storage systems, the goods-to-man principle applies. Automated systems bring the goods to the workplace of the warehouse employees. Items with a high turnover rate are stored in such a way that they can be delivered quickly and easily.

With the use of dynamic storage systems one can often obtain a higher storage capacity. They are controlled by a software program and are linked to a stock management and/or location management system. This results in significant time savings in the handling and processing of goods and leads to higher labor productivity.

Dynamic storage systems and every (moving) part of it require the utmost precision when assembling. With our own custom laser equipment, we also guarantee the perfect assembly for these systems.

Why choose

  • One stop shop warehouse equipment

  • Warehouse optimization and management

  • Inspections, maintenance and repairs

  • Relocation of your shelving and goods

  • Professional NL and FR-language team

<span>20+ years of experience<br></span> with passion for the profession

MDO is not a supplier but a partner. With a close team of complementary specialists, we have been focused on unburdening and optimally serving the customer for 20 years. This ensures short lines of communication and a high degree of service and a solution-oriented approach. In combination with our innovative character, we make use of the possibilities of today and tomorrow together with our customers.

  • In combination with our innovative character
  • Together with our customers we use the
  • Possibilities of today and tomorrow.

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