Custom constructions

MDO Group knows better than anyone that there is a suitable solution for every construction requirement. That is why, in addition to our focus on industrial stairs, balustrades and platforms, we also focus on specific constructions for warehouses such as safety constructions. Discover the many possibilities for your custom construction on this page!

Platform in <span>logistics warehouse</span>

Platform in logistics warehouse

By using a platform you can store more on the same surface. MDO Technics installs your customized platform in your warehouse. A platform consists of a self-supporting, lightweight steel construction with a floor finish with different types of chipboard and/or metal grids, of which different finishes are possible.

Safety nets <span>& mesh wall</span>

Prevent a fall hazard and protect your storage with a safety net or mesh wall. With a safety net or mesh wall, your goods are safely collected if they fall.

Collision protection <span>& grids</span>

Of course you want to make your warehouse as safe as possible. MDO Technics offers various products to guarantee this safety. This also applies to safety barriers and grilles. With this protection you prevent damage in your warehouse that can be caused by collisions.

Specific constructions

In addition to our proposed constructions, we are also happy to help you with your own wishes. Are you looking for a special construction to make your warehouse safer and more efficient? Our professionals make custom work. Your demand determines the supply. Contact us for the possibilities!

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