Security attributes
and grids for your storage system

At MDO Group, we know how important a safe environment in a warehouse is. That is why we offer various products to guarantee this safety. For example, customers can contact us for collision protection, grilles and safety nets. On this page you will discover the possibilities for your situation.

What are <span>grids?</span>

What are grids?

Besides offering various crash protection systems, MDO Group also offers specific gratings, such as wire gratings and press gratings, for your storage systems. These specific gratings can be mounted as fall-through protection and as a support grating. Tell us your requirements for your grating and we will provide a custom-made grating. You can think of specific carrying capacity, mesh size, size, and so on. We adapt the grating to your requirements to create a tailor-made solution.

What is collision protection and which types does MDO Technics offer?

What is collision protection and which types does MDO Technics offer?

With a collision protection you protect people and materials against a collision by vehicles, such as a forklift, car, truck or other rolling stock. We supply different types of collision protection for your warehouse. You can contact MDO Technics for mounting of different types, such as:
From loose collision protection post<span>to guardrails</span>

From loose collision protection postto guardrails

To prevent risks in your warehouse, it is important that your warehouse has a safe environment. With crash protection, you ensure this. From a loose crash protection post to crash barriers, corner and style protections. At MDO Group, we can provide you with different types of crash protection so that you and everyone else entering your warehouse are protected against collisions.

Why is crash protection in a warehouse so <span>important?</span>

Why is crash protection in a warehouse so important?

With a warehouse, it is important that it is a risk-free place. At MDO Group, we know that this is easier said than done. With the presence of collision guards in your warehouse, you ensure that the alertness of your staff and others is maintained. In addition, collision protection also ensures the protection of your vehicles. In the event of a collision, crash protection will reduce the extensive damage to the vehicle and everything it comes into contact with as well as the risk of personal injury. It is therefore an essential part of your warehouse.

Features of our <span>collision protection for scaffolding</span>

Features of our collision protection for scaffolding

MDO Group's collision guards are not just any guards. The security guards are visible to everyone in the warehouse. This is due to the striking colours of the collision protection, such as a fluorescent safety vest. Because this security is visible to everyone, the risk of accidents is drastically reduced. In addition, it is quickly visible when damage is made.

<span>Collision protection process</span> from MDO

Collision protection process from MDO

To ensure the safety of your warehouse and staff, we would like to take you through our collision protection process. At MDO Group, a personal click is important to us. We would therefore like to meet your company in person and discuss the options with you. Then we will be happy to visit you to determine which crash protection is suitable for your situation. After we have examined your warehouse and discussed your wishes, we will come back to you with a clear and honest quotation on crash protection. Before we start installing the crash protection, we need to make sure the location is ready for it. Therefore, our experts will start with thorough site preparation. To ensure that your warehouse is properly protected, our experts will evaluate your collision protection after installation.

Why choose crash protection <span>and gratings from MDO?</span>

Why choose crash protection and gratings from MDO?

If you really want to be sure of a safe environment in your warehouse, it is smart to opt for MDO Group's crash protection and grids. With our crash protection and grids, we ensure that your warehouse is optimally protected and secured against both collisions and the risk of falling through. To further prevent the risk of falling through, you can also choose our safety nets and mesh walls. If you are curious about the possibilities for your situation, please feel free to contact us.

Process of <br><span>MDO</span>

Process of

  • 1 Getting to know the customer

  • 2 Visit on site

  • 3 Clear offer

  • 4 Thorough work preparation

  • 5 Professional performance

  • 6 Final evaluation

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