Benefits and applications


  • Quick identification of unsafe situations
  • Awareness of own employees
  • Periodic monitoring of your storage systems
  • Structural approach to recurring problem situations:
    • Customize type/brand storage systems
    • Protect frequently damaged locations extra


  • Extending the life of storage systems
  • Ability to perform analysis on problem situations
  • Extra secure warehouse after analyses
  • Manage backup stock of storage systems in the supplementary WMS
  • Return on Investment (inspections by internal staff and option to purchase reserve stock in bulk)



  • Warehouse digital mapping
  • Automation of your warehouse
  • Cloud-based system
  • Reduction in administrative work
  • Automatic notifications in dangerous situations


Multiple applications

The Warehouse Inspection Application is perfectly applicable in various sectors:

  • Catering industry
  • Schools
  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Sports associations
  • Production companies

This is especially the case in companies and organizations that want a certain uniformity  in their operation. Through the WIA it is possible to map all kinds of parts, materials, appliances and even rooms in order to maintain an overview . As soon as something is missing or needs to be repaired, this can be registered in the WIA's management system and actions can therefore be taken to put everything back in order. In hotels or hospitals, for example, a room can be inventoried with all standard necessities. As soon as something is missing, broken or needs to be cleaned, this can be registered digitally. In this way, as the person responsible, you always maintain an overview of your organization and you can intervene efficiently where necessary.