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Warehouse racking comes in a variety of types. However, for every warehouse, efficient setup is of great importance. Of course, you want to use as much space as possible in your warehouse, but safely and at a reasonable price. We would be happy to help you choose the perfect racking system.  MDO has years of experience in analyzing and setting up storage systems. Warehousing in the right shape for each product, that is what we take care of. We provide the best price and quality racking. 

Pallet racks

With pallet racking, you store your goods on different levels one above the other and ensure that each storage is directly accessible. Thanks to its modular construction, MDO Group can adapt your pallet racking to your specific requirements.

Shelf racks

A shelf rack guarantees you an efficient and flexible way of storage in your warehouse. Thus, these racks are easy to use and long-lasting. Shelving is applicable in every situation.

Drive-in racks

A drive-in rack is an ideal way to store large numbers of pallets of the same goods. A drive-in rack has a sturdy support beam and can be quickly assembled. This allows you to easily set up the level layout.

Buying high quality warehouse shelving <span>at MDO Group</span>

Whatever racking you are looking for, MDO has it. We not only supply the racking above, but will gladly work with you to find the right racking for your warehouse. At MDO Group you have come to the right place for all types of warehouse racking. Due to the wide range, it is easy to find a suitable warehouse racking with fittings. Contact us and we will be happy to think along with you!

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