Warehouse removals

Are you planning to relocate your warehouse? And you don't have the right materials, manpower or time to do it yourself? Then you have come to the right place at MDO Group! We are ready to take care of all types of warehouse removals for you. From static to dynamic and from physical relocation to data relocation: you can entrust it to us.

What is involved in <span> relocating a warehouse?</span>

What is involved in relocating a warehouse?

Let MDO take care of your move. We make sure that everything runs smoothly. Moving both a dynamic and a static warehouse is a big job. Everything has to be arranged down to the last detail. There is therefore a lot to consider when moving, such as:

  • Product identification and photography;
  • Volume determination: size, weight, content;
  • Location determination: optimal space saving;
  • Inventory: stock count;
  • Data input: article specifications, parameters, WMS implementation;
  • Advice stock management and picking; fixed, chaotic, Fifo, Lifo;
  • Labeling: barcodes, QR codes, label strips, magnets.
Moving <span>static storage systems</span>

Moving static storage systems

In addition to the fact that MDO Group realizes the relocation of dynamic warehouses, we also do that for static storage systems. By a static warehouse we mean a warehouse that is divided with static storage systems. For example pallet racks or shelf racks. A relocation of a static warehouse can mean the relocation of the storage systems themselves as well as the relocation of the goods. When the storage systems are moved, we take care of the disassembly, relocation and assembly in the new warehouse. In other words, the relocation of static storage systems is the more conventional form of relocation. The storage systems and products are moved from one location to another without additional processing.

The move of static storage systems is quite broad and applicable to different sectors:

  • Industry;
  • Offices, ICT and archives;
  • Libraries and Schools;
  • Healthcare sector: hospitals, laboratories, rest homes and pharmacies;
  • Exhibition stands;
  • Cultural sector: events, art, theatre.
Moving a <span>dynamic warehouse</span>

Moving a dynamic warehouse

A dynamic warehouse is an automated warehouse. For example, a vertical lift system, miniload or pallet shuttle system. An automated warehouse is in many cases controlled by a software program such as WMS (Warehouse Management System). When moving a dynamic warehouse, in addition to moving storage systems and articles, we also have to take the location and stock management system into account. After all, both a physical relocation and a data relocation take place. In the first instance, attention should be paid to a new location determination, but also to the article specifications. MDO Group ensures that the relocation of a dynamic warehouse runs smoothly and that you can immediately return to work efficiently after the relocation.

Warehouse relocation? <span>Contact us for the possibilities!</span>

Warehouse relocation? Contact us for the possibilities!

Are you relocating with your company soon? This is of course a big job that involves a lot. At MDO Group you have come to the right place for your relocation. We specialize in all types of warehouse removals. Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

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