Emptying and tidying up your company

Do you want to thoroughly clean up or empty your company as a result of a takeover or relocation? MDO Technics is ready for you! We ensure that your company is thoroughly cleaned up or emptied. From breaking down storage systems to renting out waste containers. MDO Technics is happy to assist you! Discover the possibilities on this page.

<span>Your total partner</span> in storage systems


Your total partner in storage systems

Our main activity is the disassembly of warehouse racks and other logistics storage systems. Here we can mainly distinguish between static and dynamic storage systems. Based on our experience, the construction of these systems is completed in a smooth and safe manner.

  • Our fitters start with the alignment of the storage system in question on the basis of a plan or on the basis of prior consultation with the client.
  • After a correct position determination, the effective mounting can start. Good preparation is essential to bring any assembly project to a successful conclusion.
  • The chief engineer checks all work performed and then carries out the actual delivery, whether or not together with the client.

MDO Group has the necessary specialists and experience experts for every type of assembly. In addition, our team coaches monitor all work and intervene where necessary. We always keep our customers informed through transparent communication.

<span>From moving</span> to disposal


From moving to disposal

In addition to assembly, the disassembly of storage systems and other logistics applications is also one of our core activities. It is important to make a clear distinction between disassembly and demolition:

  • When dismantling, we pay particular attention to the careful disassembly of the racks and packaging them 'ready for transport'. Specific markings ensure that the parts can be reassembled very quickly at a different location. We provide packaging material, binding and transport means. If desired, the dismantled goods can be temporarily stored and stored in our warehouse.
  • We speak of degradation  if the material has to be disposed of in a container and no longer needs to be rebuilt.

In addition to dismantling and dismantling your storage systems, we can also take over your storage systems at competitive prices.

Opportunities for your <span>company by MDO Group</span>

Opportunities for your company by MDO Group

Whether your company needs to be completely cleaned up or emptied, at MDO Group we are happy to unburden you. For example, we help with the breakdown of your storage systems, the scrapping of material, the rental of waste containers and the correct waste processing. That way you don't have to worry yourself. Our professionals ensure that this process runs neatly and smoothly.

Cleaning up or emptying your business? <span>Contact us for the possibilities</span>

Cleaning up or emptying your business? Contact us for the possibilities

Are you moving or has your company been taken over? MDO Group is happy to help you with the thorough clean-up or emptying of your company. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities!

Storage takeover by MDO Group

Storage takeover by MDO Group

Do you want to sell your storage system and/or other warehouse applications? MDO Group is happy to apply as a candidate for the takeover of your old storage systems and/or other warehouse applications for a corrected price.

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