Temporary warehouse solutions

In order to cause as little inconvenience as possible during your relocation project and not to jeopardize your day-to-day operations, MDO Move can create a temporary warehouse  for you. There are several options for how we can achieve this.

We can assemble temporary static storage systems (pallet or shelf racks) in, for example, a temporary storage space or a tent close to your company. After the move or reorganization, we disassemble these static racks.

We can also build a temporary warehouse on the basis of our mobile racks (w 1350 x d 550 x h 1900. These moving carts are made up of a base, 4 uprights and a number of shelves of your choice. Each mobile rack can bear a total load of 1000 kg (150 kg per shelf) and the height of the levels can be determined yourself.

We copy the goods on your (shelf) racks, as it were, to our mobile racks. These then serve as a temporary warehouse, since the stock can be consulted in this way while we move your storage systems and/or other items from your warehouse. If you wish to use this temporary warehouse for a longer period, we can also assist you with correct labeling of the locations and articles. After all, the goods can be moved very easily with these moving carts.

In addition to our mobile racks, we also have steel removal containers available. This warehouse application is, among other things, very useful when moving long goods or drawers of vertical lift systems. By attaching steel tubes in the feet, it is perfectly possible to stack the containers on top of each other, so that you can store many different things on top of each other and in this way save a lot of space.


When moving your warehouse


If you have the time and manpower to tackle your moving project yourself, but do not have the necessary moving and warehouse tools, you can buy or rent them from us.

We offer, among other things:

  • Moving carts
  • Moving boxes (plastic, cardboard)
  • Moving containers (steel)
  • Pallet trucks
  • Binding material (steel, plastic, cotton)
  • Measuring equipment (GeoMax laser, dimension scanner, photo box, scale)
  • Label printer & labels

With our moving carts it is very easy to move your goods clearly from place A to B and/or to create a temporary warehouse by copying the goods on your storage systems to the shelves of the moving cart.

These 'mobile racks' consist of a base, 4 uprights and a number of shelves of your choice. Each mobile rack can bear a total load of 1000 kg (150 kg per shelf) and the height of the levels can be determined by yourself.

In this way, your daily operation will not be hindered and your goods will remain available for consultation during the move.

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  • In combination with our innovative character
  • Together with our customers we use the
  • Possibilities of today and tomorrow.
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