Approach and preparation

MDO Move has realized many industrial relocation projects in recent years. To this end, investments were made in training our people, but also in the necessary materials such as moving carts and boxes, binding material, lifting and hoisting equipment, transport and other moving tools.

We are the perfect partner for all your professional removals. Our skilled consultants and project coordinators are happy to relieve you and take control from A to Z so that you experience minimal disruption in your daily work. A well-written preparation, internal follow-up and communication with the customer are central to this.

The approach to moving <span>your warehouse</span>

The approach to moving your warehouse

MDO Group specializes in different types of logistics companies, both nationally and internationally. We do not only take care of the physical relocation of your warehouse, but try to offer a total solution.

  • Relocation of goods and raw materials (with or without storage unit)
  • Disassembly, removal and assembly of your storage systems (both static storage systems such as pallet racks, shelving, cantilever racks, etc. and dynamic storage systems such as vertical elevator systems, mobile shelving, etc.)
  • Data relocation linked to your warehouses (e.g. implementation of inventory management system, WMS)
  • Relocation and installation of machines (production machines, lifting and hoisting equipment) and tools (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic)
  • Electrical facilities (disconnection and connection of your systems and the associated cabling) via our sister company MDO Utilities.
  • Moving and equipping your offices (furniture, computers, printers and other office supplies)
  • In addition, you can always call on our services for project supervision and advice for your own relocation projects.

In short, we ensure that you are fully operational at your new location!

Preparing <span>your warehouse move</span>

Preparing your warehouse move

With any type of project, it is important to weigh the trade-off between the time you spend preparing for the move and the effective physical move. It goes without saying that proper preparation is crucial to a smooth move.

The very first thing that needs to be done is clearing out the current warehouse. All dead stock and damaged parts should be removed from the warehouse as much as possible.

In addition, item identification, item labeling and location is obviously also an important part. The more this is in order in advance, the smoother the effective move will be.

Ask yourself how you want to handle this. This can save you a lot of time during the effective move and will make the project run more efficiently. MDO Move can certainly assist you in this preparation!

Transporting <span>your warehouse</span>

Transporting your warehouse

We always provide a customized form of transport tailored to your project. Depending on what needs to be moved, we use various lifting and hoisting devices (forklift truck, reach truck, scissor elevator, telescopic handler, etc.) and provide a van, furniture truck or semi-trailer.

For more industrial applications and moving machinery, more exceptional transport is required. Through our pick-and-carry lifting cranes, we move your heaviest machinery. These are mobile cranes that can move with the load on the hook.

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