Installation22 Modula lifts

Installation22 Modula lifts

The project we feature here is the installation of 22 MODULA vertical lift systems at a tool wholesaler in Lille. This is a project in northern France and thus one of the first major construction sites for MDO Technics France.

The project started in the summer during collective leave and came to an end this week. The brief was clear: to install 22 MODULA vertical lift systems.

An additional difficulty factor was the fact that 10 lifts had to have double take-out openings and be built through a platform. One of the biggest problems in installing the machines was the lack of space. This made it anything but natural to continue working at a smooth pace. In addition, there was continuous pressure from both the customer and the client to deliver on time.

It took our men blood, sweat and tears to complete the works within the imposed timeframe, but they pulled through with flying colours!

An impressive project, which required a lot of sacrifices and where the bow was often stretched. Nevertheless, everyone can look back on a successful end result, as the video and photos below attest!

Modula liften