Best Parts: Choosing the shortest route

Best Parts: Choosing the shortest route

When moving all spare parts to Best Parts' new DC, MDO Move assisted with both the physical move and the implementation of Modula and Vanas Engineering's vertical lift systems.


We are happy to learn that the final result is so successful and that the customer is happy with the logistics flow in their new distribution centre.

MDO Move especially proved its services in the physical execution and digital registration of the move.

We had to receive the goods from the old DC, assign them a new location in the warehouse and register them digitally in their new Warehouse Management System (WMS).

One of the big challenges was that we had to use both the old and the new WMS for receiving and registering the articles. Thanks to our experience with these systems, we were able to bring this all to a successful conclusion.

Read more about the whole process in this article.

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  • In combination with our innovative character
  • Together with our customers we use the
  • Possibilities of today and tomorrow.