Our projects

Rack projects

MDO is involved in about 700 assembly projects each year. The projects include many racking systems, warehouses, relocations, smaller work, industrial installations and much more. Below are descriptions of some of our projects.

<span>Everything under the same roof for<br></span> the best result

Everything under the same roof

Everything under the same roof for
the best result

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<span>20+ years of experience<br></span> with passion for the profession

MDO is not a supplier but a partner. With a close team of complementary specialists, we have been focused on unburdening and optimally serving the customer for 20 years. This ensures short lines of communication and a high degree of service and a solution-oriented approach. In combination with our innovative character, we make use of the possibilities of today and tomorrow together with our customers.

  • In combination with our innovative character
  • Together with our customers we use the
  • Possibilities of today and tomorrow.