Nomination Trends Gazelles 2020

Trends Gazellen 2020 has nominated us as a fast-growing company for the province of East Flanders! Thanks to the entire MDO Team, we were able to achieve this nomination as Trends Gazelle. Go MDO Read below what such a nomination entails and what it is based on.

The editors of Trends have been selecting 255 Trends Gazelles by province for 19 years. Trends Gazelles are fast-growing companies that form an integral part of our economic landscape. Each of them are competitive companies that positively influence the business climate in their region. They are powerhouses of innovation and employment that are inspiring role models for other companies.

Being crowned Trends Gazelles is cherished by the business world because of the national exposure and regional recognition.

You become a Trends Gazelle on the basis of hard growth figures:

  • growth in turnover
  • growth in personnel
  • growth in added value

You don't become Trends Gazelle on the basis of a flashy presentation or dynamic sales pitch. You become Trends Gazelle on the basis of hard growth figures: growth in turnover, growth in staff and growth in added value.

Based on a quantitative analysis of the Trends Top, 3 categories of companies are distinguished:

  • "small companies" (with a gross margin less than €1 million)
  • "medium-sized companies" (with a turnover of 1 to 10 million euro)
  • "large companies" (with a turnover of more than 10 million euros)

Their balance sheets for the 5 previous financial years are then assessed against 3 criteria and a ranking is made of the growth evolution (in absolute and percentage figures):

  • growth in turnover
  • growth in workforce
  • growth in cash flow

Companies must have created at least 20 jobs since inception (10 is sufficient for small companies).

Finally, the editors of Trends still test whether the companies can demonstrate sufficient operational independence.

The company appearing highest in the list may call itself Trends Gazelles Ambassador for a year and will be honoured at the events. All other companies will receive the 2020 Trends Gazelle nominee diploma.