From launch with ERP Plenion

The date 1 October 2020 will not soon be forgotten at MDO. Besides the establishment of a new company structure, all the administration involved and the communication to the outside world, this was also the day MDO went live with the new ERP system Plenion.

This affects everyone in the firm, as one has to record hours, prepare quotes, create sites in the system, manage items in the warehouse, prepare invoices, etc. in a different way.

Today, an ERP (enterprise resource planning) management system is the backbone of any larger firm. It provides a clear structure, administration, planning and customer relationship management (CRM). It supports sales, invoicing, accounting and manages our warehouse inventory (WMS). In addition, it will be of interest to all of us for hour registration and delivery to customers via the corresponding mobile applications. The mobile Plenion App also allows to consult various documents concerning the project in question, as well as digital plans, etc.

As previously announced, MDO Utilities had already launched Plenion in June. All other subsidiaries launched in early October. In general, this went quite smoothly, given that this does have a serious impact on the overall operation within MDO. Everyone is currently finding their way around the new system, but with the support of each other, it is only a matter of time before everyone is fully comfortable with it.