Inspection report

To ensure that your racks remain in top condition, we keep an inspection report during our inspection. Curious about what is in this inspection report and where attention is paid? Find out on this page!

Basics and content

Basis and content of our inspection

Basics and content

  • Visual check of the condition of the elements, connections and fixings.
  • Tolerances according to standard NBN-EN 15635
  • Review of the usual inscriptions

Our inspectors have received the training 'inspector of warehouse racks and steel storage systems'.

For more information about damage assessment for storage racks, click here.

Points of attention

Points of attention

The visual inspection is always performed from ground level, unless there is indication of a comprehensive control over the full height of the storage system. This is always provided that a safe means of access is used (height lift, scissor lift, etc.). Climbing via the storage rack is never allowed.

The following are checked:

  • Visual check for deformation of the uprights, beams, diagonals, braces, shelves, cantilever arms, etc. based on the (color code) classification system
  • Overload and uneven load based on the (color code) classification system
  • Collision Damage
  • Perpendicularity of the styles
  • Condition of the shims and anchors
  • Warehouse floor condition
  • Presence of the locking pins in the uprights/beams
  • Condition of the crash barriers
  • Condition of the welds
  • Presence tax board with correct info
Digital application

Digital application

The inspection is carried out on the basis of a digital application that we have developed specifically for this purpose.

This app generates the following documents:

  • Inspection report with photos and recommendations
  • Overview of all defects with color code:
    • RED: Very serious damage, remove the load immediately.
    • ORANGE: Severe damage. To be repaired as soon as possible, at the latest within 4 weeks.
    • GREEN: Slight damage to be observed at next inspection.
  • List of defective parts


Our inspection report contains the following:

  • Location of the defect (Warehouse, zone, row, section, level)
  • Part with description specifications (brand, type and dimensions)
  • Image defective
  • Gradation defect based on color (green, orange, red)
  • Type of defect (e.g. folded) or recommended action (e.g. replace)
  • Number of defective parts
  • Extra information
The cost of an inspection

The cost associated with inspecting your racking depends entirely on the size of your warehouse. In addition, the number of racks to be inspected and the number of locations affect the cost. During an inspection, our experts not only check whether your racking has any defects, but think along with you directly to find solutions. Often even within one day.

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