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total solution

MDO Group understands better than anyone how annoying technical problems can be in your warehouse, storage system or storage warehouse. That is why we offer our customers a total solution. We do this by means of VCA-certified inspectors. We advise you with every inspection. Discover more about our certifications on this page.

<span>Certified</span><br> professionals



MDO Group meets all conditions and is VCA**
(2 stars) certified.

  • Have an RI&E (risk assessment and evaluation)
  • Keep a log of accidents at work, workplace inspections, etc.
  • Operational employees have a VCA basic diploma
  • Managers have a VCA VOL diploma
  • Periodic inspection of resources and material
  • Drawing up and realizing objectives in the HSE area


<span>EN 15635: Steel storage systems</span>

Use and maintenance of storage equipment

EN 15635: Steel storage systems

This European Standard gives guidelines for operational aspects relevant to structural safety of storage systems. Such systems operate with heavy mechanical handling equipment working in close proximity to static storage equipment. This European Standard minimizes the risk and consequences of unsafe operation or damage to the structure. Some other forms of storage equipment are only partially covered and further consideration, beyond the scope of this European Standard, can be required. This European Standard gives guidance in conjunction with prEN 15512, EN 15620, and EN 15629 to ensure that the specifier, user and designer are aware of the constraints in each other’s area to allow a safe design to be produced. This European Standard specifically excludes storage equipment manufactured form materials other than steel (except for certain accessories) and equipment intended to be used for domestic storage purposes.

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