Basic principles

Creating a safer Warehouse environment

  • Prevent dangerous situations
  • Real-time registration of unsafe situations
  • Longer lifespan of your storage systems
  • Optimization of maintenance and repairs

Inventory of your storage systems and the various components

When installing the WIA, all storage systems and their components are inventoried. This is necessary to be able to carry out correct inspections. Replacement parts for defective parts can be ordered directly from the appropriate supplier with no additional measurements and identification required.

Cloud based system: notifications and follow-up

Each inspection is divided into a normal and an urgent inspection. Color codes indicate the grade: green and orange are 'normal' and red is urgent.

During an inspection, all registered defects are listed in the 'cloud' of the application. You choose how long an inspection round lasts and when it should be closed.

When an inspection is completed, the administrator receives a notification in the web application and via e-mail. Periodic follow-up of these reports means that all defects can always be repaired in a timely manner.