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racks and racks always in top condition

Are you experiencing problems with your shelving? MDO Group knows how annoying technical problems can be in your warehouse, storage system or stock warehouse. We ensure that an expert is quickly on site to map out the defects and to think along with you in a solution-oriented way. Often even within one day! Discover the possibilities for rack maintenance on this page!

<span>In-house assembly department</span> for quick repairs

In-house assembly department for quick repairs

The last thing you can use in your warehouse, storage system or storage warehouse is technical problems. And you certainly don't want to wait too long for repairs. MDO Group offers you a fast and service-oriented solution! In addition to assembling and dismantling racks, we also repair damaged racks.

Our team is ready for you

Our team is ready for you

MDO is not a supplier but a partner. With a close team of complementary specialists, we have been focused on unburdening and optimally serving the customer for 20 years. This ensures short lines of communication and a high degree of service and a solution-oriented approach. In combination with our innovative character, we make use of the possibilities of today and tomorrow together with our customers.

Report damage to your racks directly <span>via our app</span>

Report damage to your racks directly via our app

The WIA software has many advantages for the efficiency, safety and quality of your warehouse. Via the WIA it is possible to map all kinds of parts, materials, appliances and even rooms in order to keep an overview.

Does your storage system need maintenance? <span>Contact us for the possibilities!</span>

Does your storage system need maintenance? Contact us for the possibilities!

A broken rack? Or are you experiencing other technical problems? Contact us! We will visit you and together we will find a solution. At MDO you can be sure that your racks and racks are always in top condition!


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